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Downtown Nashville Engagement – Leslie + Brendon


Working in the service industry serving food and slinging drinks I have been very fortunate for many people to come across my path, which is how I meet Brendon. Brendon is a distributor and was our rep for all things beer/liquor/wine. I loved forming a friendship with him and over the last couple years hear […]

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Jackie with JMikado Photography sitting and working on her computer at Liberty Common in Nashville Tennesse.

Hello Y’all, Welcome!

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It’s time to Pop the champagne…Why? Because it’s blog post #1…WHAT?!?!?!?! Currently I am sitting here on day 14 of Covid-19 quarantine and I am bummed that I am not just getting settled in from traveling back from Florida after shooting a wedding. I should be dropping my cards, backing up files and preparing a […]

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